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Stainless Steel Door Handle (12mm Diameter)

Stainless Steel Door Handle (10mm Diameter)

Gold & Black Aluminium Door Handle (10mm Diameter)

Aluminium Door Handle (10mm Diameter)

PVC Door Seal

PVC Door Seal with Brush

Self Adhesive Panel Door Strip

Door View Glass Lens

Keyboard Slide

Mini Slide

Pocket Slide

18" Wardrobe Mirror Slide

Lid Hinge for Dressing Table

Drop Down Open Lid

Hydraulic Gas Spring

Hydraulic Soft Down Stay

Nylon Roller (Rigid)

Plate Wheel Castor with Brake

Plate Wheel Castor

L-Bracket Wheel Castor with Brake

Super Glove

White Glue

EA Contact Adhesive

Stretch Film

Wire Rope



Expanding Bolt

APRA - Four Side Multifunctional Drawer Basket

APRA - Three Side Drawer Basket

L080520 ARYA - Rose Gold Drawer Basket

APRA - Four Side Drawer Basket

CT95-S Divider (Small)

CT143-B Divider (Big)

Spoon Tray

600B ABS Cutlery Tray

Stainless Steel Duster Bin

Standing Dish Rack Stainless Steel

SIJIAPA-Built-in Dustbin

SIJIAPA-Built-in Dustbin

LED Track - Code 6 - Gold

LED Track - Code 7 - Gold

LED Track - Code 8 - Gold

LED Track - Code 9 - Gold

Extendable Table Mechanism - THAS301

Extendable Table Fitting - THAS302

Swivel Table Fittings - THAS303

Adjustable Table Lift Up Mechanism with Soft Closing - THAS201

Oval Pipe Bracket (2-Way)

Oval Pipe Bracket (Center)

Oval Pipe Bracket (End - Adjustable)

Oval Pipe Bracket (Center - Adjustable)

Sliding Door Roller Set 501

Sliding Door Track

Sliding Door Roller Set 401

Sliding Door Track

F32 Air Tool - Code 170120

J422 Air Tool - Code 170121

J1022 Air Tool - Code 170108

T50 Air Nail - Code 170122

General Purpose Sealant

Glass & Metal Sealant

Aqua Nails

Gaps Sealer

Aluminium J-Lip L Type

Aluminium J-Lip T Type

J-Lip L Bracket

Square Bar Bracket 50mm

Heavy Duty Swivel Round Turning Plate (Black)

Swivel Square Turning Plate (Black)

Aluminium Swivel


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